Dreamr Gear is here 🔥

Dress like a dreamr with a lifestyle line that represents the limitless potential we all have inside of us.

With the dreamr app, we’re making it more practical to bring your wildest dreams to life. The dreamr brand represents the daily pursuit of an improved reality. 

Following our dreams is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle, and as dreamrs, our limitless nature is expressed in everything we do. That level of commitment deserves a style to match. 

To coincide with the continued success of The Dream Machine Tour the epic launch of the dreamr mobile app, we have released a premium collection of limited edition apparel to commemorate these events.

We’ve remixed our signature logo in a variety of colors and styles exclusively for this drop, and we’ve included Charlie Rocket’s official Dream Machine Tour tee and sweater. Be a part of the movement that helps dreams come true and find the inspiration to dream big in your dreamr gear.

You can start earning rewards redeemable in the dreamr store by following your dream on the dreamr app for iOS and Android

That’s right, we reward for you following your dreams. Check out our GDP Rewards Program today inside the dreamr app! 

You can find the latest drops on the dedicated store site here: https://dreamr.store

– team dreamr

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