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Dreamr, Inc. Partners with the Recording Artists Guild to Provide Resources for Dreamrs in the Music Industry

Dreamr, a blockchain-powered social media platform whose mission is to make pursuing your dreams and aspirations practical, has formed a Strategic Alliance with the Recording Artists Guild (RAG) to provide resources for its users with dreams related to the music industry. RAG provides a suite of resources to up and coming artists, songwriters, and producers for a […]

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Dreamr Wins Blockchance Conference Startup Pitch Contest

Awarded €50,000 Investment by Dr. Evan Luthra Hamburg, Germany The Blockchance Conference 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce brought the international blockchain industry to Hamburg, Germany where Doctor Evan Luthra awarded Dreamr €50,000 for its fantastic pitch in the Startup Pitch Competition. The key topics of the Blockchance event were the future of economics and the future of society. Dreamr was one […]

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Ambassador Spotlight: Jaron Lukas

Introducing dreamr ambassador Jaron Lukas 🧘‍♂️ Jaron is the #1 instructor on visualization, which is a practice of experiencing your goals as if they’ve already been realized. He has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to help visionaries produce organic revenue growth, extreme self-confidence, and global impact. A reformed investment banker, Jaron has been an entrepreneurial […]

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