Dreamr Social

Dreamr Social

We have taken the social networking experience people are familiar with across various platforms and reconstructed it with the intention of providing an actual networking utility for users to build a network of supportive connections that are aligned with their declared dream.


Dream Connect, gamifies the process of building a supportive network with a fun, immersive, and rejection-free experience. Using powerful filter tools, users can easily view dreams of people with like interests or in a specific geographic area.


The entire user experience on dreamr is centered around starting conversations. A connection request from Dream Connect comes with a message. User’s content generates conversational engagement rather than likes or comments, and group chat functionality facilitates community dreaming.

Our P2P Marketplace

A peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain can be accessed within the dreamr mobile app. When users list their services, they can set a price and their desired currency to receive as payment. Utilizing the 0x protocol (ZRX) users can pay in and receive their currency of choice from Ethereum based tokens. To protect community integrity in the early stages, services offered will require approval by the dreamr team prior to being listed on the marketplace. Smart Contracts easily configured within the dreamr interface without code will govern transactions between users, ensuring that the needs of both parties are met, with a resolution center staffed by dreamr to resolve disputes.

P2P Marketplace

Dreamr Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding campaigns will utilize blockchain technology to provide transparency on use of funds, and in the future, open up possibilities for tokenized rewards for contributors. Terms will be listed transparently and confirmed by participants via smart contracts. Initially, crowdfunding campaigns will be donation/rewards based, similar to kickstarter, with expansion into other formats in the future.