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Meet Chris Adams, our co-founder and CEO.

“At dreamr, we firmly believe in the limitless potential of every human being on the planet. Everyone has a dream of who they’d like to become or what they’d like to accomplish. Unfortunately, most of us don’t pursue our dreams due to lack of opportunities or resources, and as a result, our potential lies dormant in the dreams we never pursue.

Our team views this as a big problem, and we’ve dedicated our waking hours to building an ecosystem of tools and resources that empower people to dream without limits. We are raising now to finish the development of dreamr 1.0 and go to market full force this summer.”

– CEO Chris Adams

Why you may want to invest

1. The founding team has been together 3+ years and has the collective experience of over 100 product launches at the agency, founder, and executive levels.

2. We have conducted an extensive beta test of 2400 testers from 23 different countries, and our launch product has been refined from their feedback + our vision.

3. Dreamr will establish The Change Fund – a self-replenishing fund that will be used exclusively to create dream come true experiences for our users that result in dreamr original content.

4. The dreamr ecosystem is U.S. Patent Pending.

5. Dreamr sits at the intersection of social media, crowdfunding, the gig-economy, and personal development. We believe dreamr has the opportunity to define an entirely new market and lead it for years to come.

6. Massive potential. Total Addressable Market of 500 Billion+ (Social media + Crowdfunding Worldwide), Serviceable Obtainable Market of 300 Million in the immediate future. (6% of Social + Crowdfunding in U.S.)

7. We believe dreamr to be “recession proof” in the sense that even in poor economic conditions, dreamr has the potential to grow and thrive.

Our ambition

Our vision is to build a mobile platform that is simultaneously entertaining, easy to use, and provides massive value to our users. We do not aim to simply capture as much time and attention as possible from people – just to show them ads and harvest/exploit their data. 

In fact, we have designed dreamr so that a person’s time spent directly results in positive action towards their dream and continual inspiration. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and our mission is to provide the tools and resources that empower anyone to dream without limits.

What you are investing in

Security Type: Warrant

Offering 200 Warrants

Each Warrant automatically exercises in 12 months for:

17,857 Shares of Common Stock and;

25,000 DRMR Digital Secruties


pre-money valuation

*Accepting International Investment

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